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This is what I submitted – last time they responded, so I shall see what comes through this time.


“Residents of the area of Cilgerran and Cardigan are working hard to protect the river Teifi which is one of the UK’s worst polluted rivers. We would like help in following in the footsteps of communities in New Zealand who managed to grant their river personhood and thus legal rights for protection ( and the community around the River Ouse who have been granted rights to protection (
We are a small community of like-minded people who have seen our beautiful river (which used to be an amazing Salmon run) become a sewage pit. We see tourists travel here every year and swim in the poisoned waters, our local beach has been granted Blue Flag status even though the waters are toxic. In short we need help. We have been failed by Dwr Cymru who have failed to invest in the existing infrastructure and now want bill payers to fund the clean up effort. If Wales has a Future Generations act then we wish to have your help in ensuring we have a future to live in.”