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WWRT conversation with Esmee went well, they said they could see the value in both elements of the project and the driving issues behind their need.

A few things that came up which they said should be included/emphasised for the full application if we get to the next stage:

  • Emphasise the strength of partner skills/experience in engaging with disadvantaged communities
  • Explain how the above will be achieved – (e.g. offering to cover attendees transport costs, providing food and children’s activities to make attendance a benefit to families). But also can draw on the partnership strengths to enhance as this and this was a key reason for a joint bid.
  • Describe how the citizen science surveys will lead to future funding
  • Describe how community voices and the Peoples Plan for the Teifi are going to feed into citizen science and the other way round.
  • Ensure that there are a diverse range of  community voices in the Peoples Plan for the Teifi catchment.