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I thought I would add an edited version of Nathaniels further thoughts here…

“Well done for reporting and noticing the incident Dave. While it is awful to see this, it re-emphasized why we began setting up adopt groups in the first instance, your eyes & ears on the ground are indispensable and without this it would/could have gone unnoticed. Spreading this sort of information could lead to community pressure to change behaviour and is what I feel these groups have the ability to instil. However, we must approach it in an open way that does not isolate or provoke the offender in the first instance.

I looked up the sewage hours for outfalls in the Cilgerran area, on average they spill for 11-12 hours at a time. I could be wrong in my assumption of slurry, but given the colour that was my assumption, it was something we were worried about when we saw the number of spreaders out before & during the cold weather. You can find the hours & locations here.

If there is another incident, a group alert and visual check of the river in your locality, followed by as many as possible reporting the incident is my suggested approach.

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