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    The Save the Teifi meeting on 4-May-23 decided to use the Forum to co-ordinate action on this topic through the Forum

    (See also notes from Session 2 of the previous meeting https://teifi.one/reports/04b-fourth-meeting-9-mar-2023)

    Here are the discussion groups notes for this:

    1. Leaflets at fairs and festivals (Angela)
      1. Newcastle Emlyn
      2. Others share ideas and events
    2. Walk along river August (Jim)
      1. Share activity ideas to build in- e.g. Swim at end?
      2. Someone help media activity + recording.
    3. Welsh speaking – Christine
    4. Can we extend our reach up the Teifi ??
    5. Use Facebook group engagement.
    6. Swimmers Mid – Summer day Gathering
      1. Share on STT
      2. Contact all Swimming groups
    7. Women and river Cinema night 21 May
    8. Deep dance connection – bid in chain

    Action group members: Angela, Moira, Rhowan, Bob, Pamela, Ali, Gwenda, Mike, Emma

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    This group has created a leaflet to distribute…

    Save the Teifi leaflet personal

    See a PDF version here… https://www.teifi.one/onewebmedia/Leaflet2.pdf

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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