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    The Save the Teifi meeting on 4-May-23 decided to use the Forum to co-ordinate action on this topic through the Forum

    Notes from the meeting

    1. Non- payment of bills as a protest of non – delivery of expectations of service.
      • Can still ‘pay’ it into a different account ready to pay when meet responsibilities.
      • Needs a critical mass ‘nation-wide’
      • Very Public direct action
    2. What do we want?
      • Dwr Cymru & government to invest what is needed to tackle issue.
      • Speed up their timescales.
      • Ask politician’s to force + invest government money
    3. Future generations argument–
      • Dwr Cymru not taking suitable action to protect rivers for future generations
      • Use FWG Act , cost of delay onto future generations.
    4. Legal action against NRW
      • Not doing their duty for protecting the environment
      • Fish legal (?) help us like done in Yorkshire River
      • Example – River Action UK – Good law project
    5. Stakeholders Meeting of SAC Rules (?) Group – Callum and others

    Action group members: Sarah, Jess, Christine, Callum, Maria, Kitty(?)

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    Suggest we start off by writing to our Synoed members highlighting our concerns and asking them what their party intends to do. We could also ask them if they will receive a Save the Teifi stone to sit on their desk in Cardiff.


    I’d like to set up a petition to urge the Senedd to do something. Apparently they won’t even look at any petitions from places such as Change.org – though we could get one on there too? It would be a simple call to action for people as we spread awareness.


    I have set up a petition on the Senedd’s website- which should be live in the next few days  – to petition for proper funding of NRW and a more stringent approach to holding them to account. I’ll post the link here and on the FB page when I have confirmation that it’s live.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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