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    The Save the Teifi meeting on 4-May-23 decided to use the Forum to co-ordinate action on this topic through the Forum

    Here are some links that give more information:

    Notes from meeting:


    • Sewage treatment never work for nature and clean system
      Therefore never solved.
    • Poo ok but urine hard/impossible to separate ‘cleanly’.
    • + use of minerals from urine wasted
    • Could be used on land – help – fertiliser

    Circular regenerative living system

    • Excites people; empowers; agency – not relying on authorities
      • Equipment need
      • Site for testing system – for a disposal system
      • First urination of the day = 50% less impact
      • A usable safe step for people – Compost, hay bale etc

    Action group members:  Gwenda lead, Cerys, Piers, Lucy, Keith, Yusaf, Pamela

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    Thanks Dave for some really good links that set the scene for the development of PeeCeiclioAfonTeifi.

    here is a short film showing how a group of people in Vermont established a system of getting urban pee to the fields. I think we can do it here in Aberteifi/ Llandudoch/Llechryd/ Cilgerran. -and indeed all along the Tivyside so that we can maintain our river in good health. Please take a look at how we could put this together. It’s inspiring


    The Project for Innovative Sustainable Human Waste Optimization

    has a logo:

    Pisho Logo

    and a leaflet, which you can see on this link:


    Join the conversation about reclaiming human urine as a sustainable fertilizer!

    Nov. 7-9, 2023

    The Rich Earth Institute’s annual Summit is a global gathering for advancing the field of urine nutrient reclamation. The Summit brings together researchers, practitioners, policy makers, industry leaders, students, and enthusiasts, catalyzing new collaborations and partnerships as we continue to grow the body of knowledge about this innovative practice.
    This 3-day event will feature presentations on the technology, regulation, design, culture, and art of urine reclamation as well as opportunities for networking and collaboration. Recordings will be available after the event.


    Check out the video here…

    At 5:47 Gwenda talks about the Pisho project


    Gwenda is raising awareness (of phosphate loss into the Teifi) and money selling nuts, grown in her garden, in the local market.

    And the nuts are delicious…. 10 large and five small in each pack

    Look out for these collection boxes:

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